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Simulation-based engineering is worldwide and an indispensible component of product development. One the one hand simulation may be considered a niche market. On the other hand, it represents a complex and quickly developing technology, which brings comprehensive knowledge to various fields and specializations. No single person has the ability to manage the complete portfolio alone.  Therefore, regular national and international collaboration with knowledgeable professionals and experts in the field, such as those in the CADFEM esocaet network, is especially important.

Our Network

TechNet - Your global CAE-Partner

The TechNet Alliance is a Global Network of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Experts - dedicated to the application, development, marketing and support of CAE software. Beyond CAE service companies, business support companies, renowned professionals from industry, professors from universities and even representatives of corporate companies also belong to this network.

Simulation is more than Software®

Founded in 1985, CADFEM is currently regarded as one of the pioneers of numerical simulation based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). With 12 branch offices, over 170 employees and more than 100 design engineers, CADFEM is one of the largest European suppliers of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). CADFEM liaises closely with ANSYS, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is an ANSYS Elite Channel Partner.

Since CAE-simulation requires more than just software, CADFEM supplies all the tools which are decisive for success in simulation from one source. Leading software and IT-solutions, consultancy, training and engineering. This means state-of-the-art expertise based on the latest developments in technology.

You are already working with simulations in your firm or you are ready to begin. Therefore, you know that in addition to the selection of the right software, there are many other open questions to consider. Company practices and the flow of communication must be designed or adapted. The areas of business management, customers and colleagues as well as budget constraints and legal matters must also be taken into consideration.

The experts connected to our network look forward to a long-standing, trusting partnership, where they are prepared to provide you with second opinions and guidance regarding product introduction, process inspections, and more.  

Additional information (German)

Beginning in 2007 the CADFEM Forum has been a German-speaking event centered on the exchange of experience between simulation´s key players and interested parties from several different industries. The forum enables this small group to seize current trends and future developments for CAE-applications to discuss their commercial use.

The different themes are moderated by knowledgeable experts from academia and industry, who will first briefly share their own experiences and opinions in order to stimulate a lively discussion.

Additional information (German)

For the past few years CADFEM has supported the initiative ‘’MINT Zukunft schaffen’’ (STEM subjects create the future). Various offerings and events were designed to spark students’ interest for MINT subjects, including the natural sciences, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, and technology. This initiative seeks to safeguard against the predicted labor shortage for scientific and technological fields, while securing Germany’s future position as a land of industrial innovation and prosperity.


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